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The number of Armenian tour operators is increasingly growing. In this competitive market “Vip Travel” agency offers special services to its guests with new ideas and interesting projects.

Among other Armenian tour operators “Vip Travel” developed different tour packages for travellers in Armenia such as historical, cultural, adventurous, national, agricultural, rural, ecological and other types of tour packages. As an additional service “Vip Travel” also offers corporate and business services.

We care about comfortable journey of our guests, also offering sale of affordable tickets to and from Armenia, provision of transportation in Armenia, reservation services in hotels, apartments and guest houses, multilingual guide services, meetings with famous Armenian people, and teaching of national Armenian music and dance.

“Vip Travel” is an Armenian tour operator. The company was founded in 2008 and has gained good experience in this sphere. “Vip Travel” succeeded in becoming one of the leading tour operators on the Armenian market gaining its unique position among other travel agencies in a short period. “Vip Travel” specializes both in outgoing and incoming tourism. Today “Vip Travel”  collaborates with a number of overseas travel agencies and represents some of them in Armenia. But the company has also focused its efforts on the potential for the development of incoming tourism in Armenia. Among Armenian tour operators “Vip Travel” organizes its own programs offering high quality tour packages at a more affordable price as opposed to competitors. We always take into account interesting suggestions of our clients and try to include them in our packages. Our packages also include various activities, which might be interesting for people having specific hobbies such as archaeological excavations, participation in sport activities, various educational programs, teaching of national songs and dances and etc. We are pleased to respond to the Armenian Diaspora and foreign tourists, who want to visit to Armenia and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of one of the world's most ancient nations and try to do our bests to make their visit in Armenia as enjoyable as it can be.

Among Armenian tour operators “Vip Travel” offers for you the widest choice of tours taking into account the demands of our guests and making efforts to organize visit of our tourists as interesting and impressive as possible. Our company creates new and interesting projects in the development of incoming tourism in Armenia. We provide individual approach to our clients. Our agency has competent staff on board including professional, experienced and responsible guides with good command of at least 3 foreign languages, who are committed to do their best to make your holidays unforgettable and have you as a returning client.
Our company has set competitive prices so that customers can prefer our services over other Armenian tour operators. Our prices match the quality of services we offer. The prices are unchangeable but we try to reach our quality to the maximum.

Our company also offers to our guests cheap flights to Armenia looking for and finding the best versions. Different promotions are organized from time to time, which give an opportunity for clients to buy tickets at hot prices. “Vip Travel” welcomes tourists and is there to offer new surprises and interesting tours.

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