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Cultural tour to Armenia- to the country of Christianity and the pagan gods.

The initiative of Cultural tour to Armenia will enable you to get acquainted with the ancient culture, which was created in the intermixture of pagan beliefs and Christian tradition.
Our company suggests you an exclusive tour to Armenia offering to choose the cultural tour to Armenia tour package. It is known that the roots of Armenian culture come from ancient times. Recently during the archaeological excavations the oldest shoe of the world was found in the cave named “Birds cave” near the village of Areni in the Vayots Dzor. The shoe was made of cow leather. According to scientists, it was bound just on someone’s foot. The length is 24.5 cm and corresponds to the current shoe number 37. The shoe was covered by grass inside in order to keep its shape.
Archeologists have immediately sent samples of the shoe to the universities of California and Oxford for research and results of the analysis were received 1 year later. Archeologists discovered that the shoe found by Armenian archeologists is 5.637-5.387 years old. Now the shoe is displayed in the cave where it was found. The cultural tour package to Armenia also includes a visit to this cave where other ancient items are also displayed.
There are still plenty of places awaiting discovery in Armenia. So if you visit to Armenia, you will have exclusive opportunity to participate in archaeological excavations, meet with archeologists, and discover new pages of Armenian history.
Taking the cultural tour to Armenia, you can admire ancient petroglyphs of Geghama and Syunik mountains and other places, which depicts the old man's livestock, hunting life, the battle scenes.  There are found many ancient settlements, Cyclopean fortresses, excavated rich tombs (Lchashen, Vanadzor, etc.) in the territory of ancient Armenia. Weapons, tools, household items, statues and jewelry, which were made with high taste and art are the evidences about the high development of ancient Armenian culture.
Rich history of our country is preserved in architectural monuments, ancient castles and fortresses, different artifacts of lifestyle and written documents.
Initiating cultural tour to Armenia you will visit ancient magnificent temples and palace complexes, unique monuments of early medieval Armenian architecture and will listen to their strong history, stories of ancient castles, fortresses, Armenian Christian temples, and the world unique cross stones.
There are more than 50000 cross stones and each of them is unique. Cross-stones which often weight several tons were created as a result of heavy, long-term work due to talent and patience. Till today masters have continued work of their ancestors with the secrets they have learnt. Cross-stones have been used as gravestones, were mounted on the occasion of important events such as such as victorious battles and during construction of churches, temples and others. There are placed in chapels, cemeteries, and also on hills and rocks. Ancient Armenian cemeteries are rich of such architectural stones. In Noratus medieval cemetery there are about 900 cross-stones, some of which are 1.5 m. high.
Armenia is a country of churches. The earliest Christian temple is the Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin which was built in 303, but there are other magnificent temples and churches in Armenia, which show not only the respect and loyalty of Armenians to Christian religion, but also the existence of unique architectural talent expressed in churches. Our cultural tour package to Armenia includes a number of visits to the monasteries, during which you will hear the history of Christian art and architecture.  Armenian temples are very impressive with their architectural merit and great accent. Gorgeous monasteries embody the architectural genius and traditions of the ancient spiritual culture. Majority of churches were built due to donations and donors were not only princes, queens, clergymen, but also simple peasant, citizens who have left unforgettable memory to the future generations.
If you have decided to spend your vacation in the country which has unique spiritual and cultural heritage, have new unforgettable impressions and get to know many new stories about mankind's ancient history spend holidays in Armenia.

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