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Adventure tour to Armenia – let’s your childhood dreams come true.

Adventure tour to Armenia - climbing up inaccessible mountains, overcoming deep gorges, jumping from unimaginable heights, fights with indomitable waves and sailboat races with the wind…
Each of us dream of discovering new countries and continents, sailing oceans, looking for treasures and fighting with pirates with the heroes of Jules Verne or Daniel Defoe in our childhood. Recently, the American company “National Geographic” has made statistics on tourism to reveal that Armenia occupies the 3-rd line among the countries, where adventure and extreme tourism is quite developed.

You can use Adventure tour to Armenia tour package, if you are courageous and adventurous, if overcoming a number of difficulties is a source of new impressions and positive emotions and a good chance for new discoveries. During adventure tourism you will attend and participate in various events and activities.  You will have an opportunity to take numerous photos of different animals, many of which are red-listed endangered species. Some of them are endemic to Armenia. You will see a lot of various birds flying high in the sky.  You will climb up high scenic peaks, ride on horses in Armenian undiscovered forests, search for treasures in places which were once centers of ancient civilizations. You will go on trekking through the deep gorges to reveal the traces of hidden secrets, yachts on Lake Sevan, which is one of the largest fresh-water mountainous lakes in the world. With the help of professional guides of our company, you will overcome various difficulties, which pass through the virgin forests, mountain belts, deep gorges and torrential mountain rivers. Our company has managed to get experience and reputation in the tourism industry and we guarantee that the adventure tour to Armenia will be full of positive emotions and unpredictable feelings for our tourists.

Our Adventure tours include hiking tours to the deep caves, which are unique historical monuments. These caves used to hide secrets some of which were discovered during excavations pointing to ancient civilizations that Armenia is part of.

These large ancient settlements are regularly revisited by researchers discovering new surprises, many of which you can see when visiting to Armenia by our tour package adventure tour to Armenia.

Magel cave is the biggest cave in Armenia. The findings here are dated back to 10-14-th century AD.

Mozrov cave is one of Armenian wonders. It is situated in Vayots Dzor near the city of Yegheghnadzor. The cave was founded some 30 years ago during construction of the road to Mozrov village.

Lastiver is a two-storey cave located in the beautiful valley of the river Khachaghbyur. During the Mongol invasions in XIII-XIV centuries the local population escaped there.
Areni cave is considered to be a cult-ritual complex, where there are burials. The oldest shoe of the world was found in this cave in 2008 which is more than 5500 years old.

Adventure tour to Armenia tour package also includes hiking to the picturesque waterfalls of Armenia such as Trchkan, Shake, Vorotan, Jermuk waterfalls, which can be considered marvels of nature.
Except for making your holidays pleasant and effective our company can also arrange for you cheap flights to Armenia.

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