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Hiking tours in Armenia

Hiking tours in Armenia - Our Company suggests our tourists to discover Armenian treasures and spend their vacation as interesting and impressive as it can be.

As soon as summer begins everybody starts to think where to spend vacation. Of course, when we say rest everyone understands it differently. For one person that means a 5-star hotel accommodation with high-class comfort; for someone else it may mean setting near fire at night. But it won’t be wrong to say that if somebody wants to have a full rest he should change his environment to find things which he is mostly needed in his everyday life. We offer our guests hiking tours in Armenia which is not only a chance to have a rest in the nature and far from the city life but also a wonderful chance to find new friends and get new impressions. The roads of these tours lead to sight-seeing sites which are unreachable by cars and other means of transportations because of deep gorges, high peaks and dense forests. Night in the mountain Hatis, tours to caves of Lastiver, Azokh, Mogrov and Magil, tours to hidden historical and cultural monuments such as Kobayr, Henevank, Lori Berd, Dadivank and etc.

These are the real holidays - far from all the goods of civilization, noisy and dirty city, the same faces and events. A chance to be in nature, breathe fresh air and feel you part of the nature.

Offering you hiking tours in Armenia we provide pleasant time and rest in the Armenian nature full of interesting and non-dangerous mysteries with a chance to get acquainted with traditions and lifestyle of this ancient people.

Due to its native conditions such as mountains, forests, caves, historical and cultural monuments, interesting national traditions, Armenia has great advantages to develop this kind of tourism. Foreigners who are travelling with us during these tours really get admired when seeing people baking bread (Armenian lavash), sometimes taking part in this process and tasting lavash in the villages. They can see how honeycombs are removed and taste ecologically healthy honey.

Hiking tours in Armenia can motivate people who are fond of active holidays and those who are interested in traditions and nature. The tour we have planned always turns into pilgrimage full of mysteries and many discoveries, the main aim of which is to get acquainted with Armenia, to be close to the nature and try not to harm the nature with its historical, cultural and national values.

If using our services of hiking tours in Armenia you will have a change to get acquainted with our rich fauna. There are nearly 12000 animal species some of which are endemic to the Armenian Highlands only. For example, there is Armenian wide Caucasus pasian, armenian snake, the most well-known of which is Gyurza whose bite can cause death. Wolf, bear, fox are the most widely spread animals here. During our tours we will have a chance to see the behavior of these animals, take a number of photos without disturbing their habitats.

After a long day of hiking our guests will come to gather around the fire near the water to spend evening and share impressions with their friends and tour mates, maybe sing Armenian national songs and dance Armenian dances.

If you like mysteries and hiking tours in Armenia are not sufficiently intriguing for you then welcome to participate in the adventure tour to Armenia. This kind of tourism is particularly popular among young men who are looking for exciting things. The number of tourists interested in this kind of holidays is increasing. There are all the opportunities to organize such kind of active holidays in Armenia: rafting, bike tours, skiing, surfing and etc.

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