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Do you want exclusive holidays? Spend your holidays in Armenia.
Spend your holidays in Armenia where some people come for pilgrimage, others - to enjoy Armenian hospitality and know their values.
Contact us if you decided to spend your holidays in Armenia. Every man has personal interests – some people prefer spending active vacation full of mysteries and bright impressions, others like being in the nature or exploring cultural, historical heritages and spiritual values of other countries. Our company will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers by making your stay in Armenia as pleasant and enjoyable as it can be.
Armenia has ancient history and culture. For centuries it has lost and restored its independence many times, and today despite its long history it is still a young republic.
Many cultural and food festivals take place regularly in Armenia.
Music and film festivals taking place here all year round give an opportunity to amateurs of classic art to enjoy performances of not only Armenian but also foreign musicians invited to Armenia.
Festivals of vine, dolma, barbecue and other dishes are well-known and give opportunity to Armenians and foreign tourists to taste Armenian best dishes and vine having healing properties which is still being made by old recipes. Hospitable doors of Armenians’ are opened to everybody.
Tourists are admired by unique ancient history, Armenian culture which Armenians have preserved for centuries, the beautiful nature, an opportunity to spend time in the wild nature, lifestyle of rural people living in the highlands, chance of tasting organic and healthy food and taking part in the preparation of local dishes. Therefore, spending holidays in Armenia means to combine “business and pleasure.”
One of the greatest values of Armenians is their ancient manuscripts. There are nearly 30000 Armenian ancient manuscripts in the world, 17000 of which are kept in Matenadaran named after M. Mashtots in Yerevan. Armenian manuscripts bear the legacy of tragic historical events like the Armenian nation does. Armenian nation always treated those manuscripts with deep reverence, saved them from foreign invaders to restore again. Manuscripts always reflected important historical events many of which reached us. These evidences show that during invasions Armenians tried to save not only their properties but also ancient manuscripts.
Spending holidays in Armenia is an opportunity to visit Armenian Matenadaran and see Armenian manuscripts and unique miniature art.  The greatest Armenian book is <Msho Charyntir>, which was written in 1200-1202 in “Avag Vank” of city Erznka. It was written on the parchment and has 604 papers, 128 pages and it was saved from fire by two women during the genocide in 1915. Because it was too heavy they tore the book into two parts hoping that even if one of them was murdered the other would save the rest of the book. One of the women reached St. Echmiadzin - the spiritual and administrative center of Armenian Apostolic Church and gave the book to the church. The second woman was killed. However, before her death she had buried the book in one of the churchyards in Erzerum. Many years later the manuscript was found by a Russian soldier who took it to Tbilisi and handed it over to the Armenian community. In 1920th the manuscript was brought to Armenia and now both parts of the book are kept in Matenadaran.
We invite you to see Armenia with your own eyes. Our travel agency offers an opportunity of tracking to Armenia especially for our guests by the roads where kings and queens have passed, by the places where bloody fights and historical events took place.

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