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Initiate pilgrimage to Armenia – to the first Christian nation in the world.
You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking where to spend your holidays this year. It’s time to plan your pilgrimage to Armenia. Why Armenia? What is the secret of our land, what is the secret of eminence of our homeland?
Your visit to Armenia will be unique tour to the country of Christian traditions and the first nation in the world who adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301. Armenia has its unique face, which differs from all other countries in the world. In this country everybody feels like he is in another world.
There is information about Armenia in Bible, which is of great importance, as it refers to the most fatal events of mankind: the creation of the world and the revival of the mankind after the great flood. According to the Old Testament, God decided to destroy mankind by sending a flood after which Noah with his family rested in << the mountain Ararat>>, which is in the Armenian Highlands. As a matter of fact, according to Bible Armenia is a sacred place where the mankind was created, where the symbols of immortality and wisdom were kept and which became the land of revival of mankind after the great flood. In ancient times there was a supranational and religious spiritual ideology, where our land had its principal role.
That’s why, one can consider, that he has been in the country where the beginning of mankind has started when visiting to Armenia. It can be considered pilgrimage to Armenia, which gives an opportunity to interact with the spiritual world. In Armenia there are a number of churches, monasteries and cathedrals. All these shows that Armenians have been honor to their religion for centuries.
Mount Ararat, the only witness of Biblical history, has been the place of pilgrimage for a number of Christians all around the world for centuries. Foreigners have been visiting to Armenia as a holly place since ancient times, when Ararat hasn’t been covered with snow and the huge arch of Noah could be seen. Later with the decrease of the temperature on Earth the arch, which once saved the life of the mankind was covered by snow. Many scientists and researchers tried to find the Noah arch, the searchings are continued to now days, but there are no results. But many interesting facts have been found, which proves that arch of Noah once has really stopped there.
If the tour to Jerusalim is a tour to the country where God has baptized and preach the doctrine, than taking pilgrimage to Armenia means to go to the country which first adopted God’s doctrine. Armenians are the first nation who understood and refused paganism with its traditions and in the basis of Christian religion created new culture and tried to rely on the principles of humanity. According to the legend, two of 12 apostils of Jesus Christ Tadevos and Bardughimeos have spread Christianity in Armenia. Our church is named apostolic church because of these apostils. However, just like in other countries Armenians also refused Christianity at first. King Trdat the Third adopted it as a state religion in 301. This event has interesting prehistory. King Trdat the Third was against adopting Christianity in Armenia and as a result he ordered to arrest Grigor the Illuminator in Khor Virap the trial of Artashat. He also forbade giving him food and drinks, if you take pilgrimage to Armenia you will see the hole, where Grigor Lusavorich had been kept for 13 years.  Grigor Lusavorich would stay in that hole for a long time if King Trdat the Third hadn’t fallen sick and had pains. At that time Trdat’s sister saw that only arrested Grigor would be able to help his brother. King ordered to set free the prisoner and people got astonished seeing that Grigor who hadn’t eaten and drunk for a few days is not only alive, but also had a good look. Thinking that it was due to God and also that he treated the King without any medicine, Trdat decided to adopt Christianity as a state religion and all the pagan traditions were forbidden. The temples of pagan gods Aramazd, Vahagn, Anahit were destroyed in Ashtashat, the main spiritual center of the country, and new Christian churches were built instead.  Pilgrimage to Armenia, will give you an opportunity to visit the churches which were built in the places of pagan temples. Armenia is appreciated not only by spiritual but also cultural tourists. They are admired with the unique and ancient history and culture of Armenia. To see all these we advice you take a cultural tour to Armenia.

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