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Unforgettable tours to Armenia – to the country famous for its fresh fruits.
Tours to Armenia – to the country, about which famous American painter Roquel Kent has said ”If I am asked where I could see real wonders, I will mention Armenia first.”
Our agency offers you tours to Armenia. Foreign visitors, historians, diplomats and invaders have been interested in Armenia for centuries and they have saved many attractive impressions in their memories.  No matter how picturesque were their notes about Armenia, you can see the beauty of the country only by visiting it, feeling its spirit and seeing all the treasures with your own eyes. Our company enables you such an opportunity offering you cultural, historical, adventure, ecological, ethnographic, archaeological, rural and other tours to Armenia. What is Armenia attractive for? – It’s famous for its historical monuments, many of which prove the existence of ancient civilizations and an art of high architecture on this territory even at that period. 
Armenia is notable for its unique landscapes and settlements located in scenic places, virgin forests, high and snowy peaks, healing mountainous air, and the genuine hospitality of Armenians. Armenia is also known for its fruits, for example, apricot, which is known as an Armenian fruit. The word “Apricot” in Armenian means cosmic fruit. Apricot tree is considered to be a tree of life. Both the tree and the fruit have a strong energetic influence.  This fruit is also rich with useful microelements necessary for the organism, which protect from various diseases, particularly cardiovascular, renal, liver, that’s the reason it’s also referred to as the fruit of health.
When using our service tour to Armenia don’t forget to take with you another Armenian symbolic fruit is a pomegranate. Pomegranate is considered unique symbol in Armenia and Armenian masters prepare different souvenirs shaped like pomegranate. The foreigners who visit Armenia would certainly like to take at least one sample of this symbol. In Armenia, pomegranate is the symbol of the wealth and plenty.  According to one of the ancient Armenian traditions, a bride should throw a pomegranate at the wall before the wedding and she will have as many children as pomegranate seeds fall on the ground.
There is also another symbolic fruit in Armenia, the name of which is grape. It has a long history and there are a number of legends about this fruit, which you will listen to from our professional guides when visiting to wonderful Armenia using our services of tour to Armenia. By the way, grape here has been grown up since the ancient times, even in the Urartian Kingdom. Vineyards grown by the Urartian kings reached modern times preserving the endemic types of Armenian grape. Grape has been considered to be the symbol of fertility and youth since ancient times. In Armenia every year the first harvest of grape is blessed in the church and this tradition is called grape blessing “khakhoghorhnerq”. This rite is dedicated to the ascension of St. Mary when Jesus Christ took her to heaven with the help of angels after  his promise. Grape is eaten in Armenia only after being blessed in the church. Blessed grape is also used for wine-making. 
If you have decided to travel to Armenia, use our services and your holiday will become unforgettable. You will return to your hometown with many discoveries..

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