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Travel to Armenia – to the Land of Sun and Dead Volcanoes
Initiating travel to Armenia you will appear in the cradle of mankind, travel through the stages of development of human society, from their formation up to our days.
In the territory of the country, which is only the tenth part of the historical Armenia, there are more than 25 thousand historical and cultural monuments, which represent all stages of the development of human society.  Having your travel to Armenia you will get the opportunity to observe Armenian life and browse through the human history even the pages of ancient peoples who have disappeared from Earth.
Armenian Highlands are one of the cradles of the human civilization evidences of which can be found in the Bible. According to the legend, Armenians have emerged from the grandson of Noah – the hero Hayk after the Noah’s flood. The ancestors of Armenians were the first tribes in the world who extracted metal ore and started the Iron Era o. In Armenia you can find many traces and proofs of historical events almost everywhere though your visit will also turn into a unique scientific tour. Your travel to Armenia will become one of the unforgettable trips you have ever taken. The masterpieces of Armenian and world architecture are situated here, such as the ancient observatory of Karahunje   (4-2 B.C.), the copy of which was built later, ancient metallurgical center and observatory at Metsamor, Urartian Erebuni and Armavir fortresses, the only witness of Armenian paganism Garni temple, and the first Christian church all around the world Holly Echmiadzin, which was built in 303 after adopting Christianity as a state religion.
Travel to Armenia is a travel to the unique museum of nature. The diversity of seasons of the year, peaks, lakes and rivers, deep gorges, changing landscapes make the Armenian geography unique. Extinct volcanoes of Biblical mount Ararat, mount Aragats, the highest peak of the republic, 150 large and small craters known as Geghama range, mountainous beauty of the Sevan lake, which is 1900 meters above the sea level, deep and mysterious gorges of Vorotan, Azat, Arpa, Kasakh rivers are natural museums.
Armenia is attractive for tourists also for its cultural values and unique national cuisine, beautiful alpine meadows and ancient mountains.
If you have decided to make a travel to Armenia, you will be able to see and recognize the Biblical land and people. In spite of this, Armenia is also famous for its juicy fruits and mountainous fresh water. Water is a real gift here because each one can taste the fresh mountainous water almost everywhere. But if you are far from nature, you can also taste the same fresh water almost everywhere from the sources in Armenian cities, which are also unique Armenian monuments. According to the legend the water flowing from the       sources is blessed by the master who had built the monument and the one who tastes this flowing water will also get blessed. They are also unique memorials, because many of them are built to perpetuate somebody’s memory forever.
You will always keep your memories of your travel to Armenia, to the land, where each layer of earth hides many secrets and where a number of discoveries are waiting for you.
Armenia is an ancient Christian country, the first country which opened way to the only true faith of Christ, and your trip can also become a pilgrimage to Armenia.

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